Best offline Multiplayer Android Games 2020

best Offline Multiplayer Android Games

Looking for offline Multiplayer Android Games to play with your buddy?

Well, if you think one item which got costly in recent times, then it should be Internet Data. We all have limited internet data, and with that, we need to run Facebook, WhatsApp, and other important apps.

With little or no data left for high-end data eating games like PUBG, Garena Free Fire, or other online Multiplayer Android Games.

So, if you want to spend time with your family member or buddy playing the whole afternoon, what will be the best solution.

We have summaries top 10 Multiplayer Android Games which can be played offline without wasting Internet Data.

What are the offline Multiplayer Smartphone Games?

Like older days, when people are playing games with their buddy in the same TV Monitor or over LAN, Smartphone games also come in Offline mode.

In this mode, you will get all the facilities of the online mode to expect progress in the game. In some games, you can play and clear your present level.

These offline games can now be played over Wi-Fi or over WLAN network or Bluetooth for free of charge.

Advantages of Offline Multiplayer Smartphone Games

  • It saves money on the costly Internet data
  • You can keep on practicing the mode before you face any actual competition
  • One can explore all the Maps present in the game
  • You can check all hiding or best places to shoot and kill
  • Offline playing encourages, games loyalty and players keep on coming back for game goodies
  • You will not face annoying ads in some of the games
  • You can clear your present levels without any data loss

So, let’s start checking all the best Offline Multiplayer Smartphone Games which you can play without an internet connection.

Best Offline Multiplayer Smartphone Games

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Want to test your shining Car or bikes?

Try Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 is a game of supercars and bikes that need to customize and put on the road for testing their adrenal. Asphalt 8 Game is developed by “Gameloft SE” and is available for both PC and Smartphone.

With more than 200 Cars and bikes, you can test your limit for the rush. You can check all new and sports cars in Asphalt with a real test of battle on the roads.

With over 40 high-speed racing tracks and with 16 different settings, you can never want more than these on any racking tracks.

So, if you want to test your mean machines (cars) before any season begins, then you can play these in offline modes and get hold of adrenal rush.

You can control all aspects like a guide, speed, balancing in offline mode, so that you can fair in the actual online competition.

2. DUAL!

One of the best offline Smartphone games is Dual!

Build on the line of Tetris, Pac-man, and other 90’s games, which is based on 2D gameplay. What makes this game fun to play in the real timing on which ball or bullet will swing from your screen to your friend screen.

Dual game is developed by “Seabaa” and has only limited graphics, which is also good for all older mobile.

This game is absolutely killer, as you can set up a game server in one Smartphone and invite your friends to join that game in offline mode. Your friend will join in Wi-Fi Lan, and then you can start playing this game.

The dual game did not need an active Internet Connection to play; you can play long hours without going online in this game.

3. Special Forces Group 2

Do you love playing Counter-Strike gameplay?

Well, now enjoy that gameplay with Special Forces Group 2 in without spending money on Internet data. SFG2 comes in online and offline mode, where you can practice all maps and horn your skills with Bots.

These Bots are computer generated and have good AI (artificial intelligence). Do not expect them to stand as dumps and become a practice target for you.

Special Forces Group 2 is developed by “ForgeGames” and has 50Million Google Download. Which makes this game as best in its category of shooting games.

You will never disappoint while playing Special Forces Group 2 game in offline mode.

4. Badminton League

So, you want to take part in Badminton Championship in a smartphone game?

Join Badminton League, which is developed by “RedFish Games” and has 1million Google installs. Badminton League is the stage for a multiplayer game, where thousands of players battle it out every day for glory.

You can join this Badminton Championship and get some cool game goodies when you win any Champion league.

Badminton league can be played in offline mode, or you can practice your moves in offline mode and prepare for the online battle.

You can invite your friends offline and can play with them without spending any money on Internet data.

5. Badland

One mobile game which changes the gaming industry with its breath-taking graphics and the physics-based algorithm is Badland. Treated as the best game of the year in 2013-14, it has literary win all the awards for a mobile game.

Badland is a physics-based motion control side-scrolling game, which will provide with a buddy when you touch special items in the game. These buddies will clone themselves, and they will form groups with own physics action.

With different obstacles and constraints to stay with the scrolling window, games need active participation and attention. You can enjoy this game with your offline mode and try to clear game levels without any ads.

Badland is a visually breath-taking game which needs proper attention to obstacles and gravity and physics law to clear any levels.

6. Battle Tank – World War II

Do you love Tank?

If yes, then join these Battle Tank of world war II, which has changed the outcome of the war. At the starting of World War II, German got superior battle tanks, which makes the easy road to conquer all Europe.

With German winning many battles with their deadly battle tank, Allied Powers come with a more advanced and high mobility battle tank.

Soon, Germans begin to lose battles due to these advance Battle tank which allied power possess.

So, now it is your time to taste the same World War scenario with you, controlling our Battle Tank.

Join in as any nation and upgrade our battle tank and start taking part in online battles.

7. Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle 2 is a battle on the water for the supremacy, where you will find thousands of opponents fighting the battle online. It is developed by “BYRIL” and has 1Million Google Play installs.

With a war-like scenario, you need to maintain your port with airplanes, submarines, radar, mines, and battleships. You can pick up the battle in epic arenas and get game rewards

play this game in offline mode and invite friends, family members over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Play offline mode in Sea Battle 2 and horn your skills and be ready for online competition.

8. BombSquad

Do you love playing with your friends with cute animation characters?

Join the BombSquad game, which is just tailor-made for tons of fun and entertainment. You can play offline with your friends with lots of levels and games in Bombsquad.

Bomb squad game is developed for playing between 08 players and has many mini-games with lots of fun. You can win games by taking the flag or killing your friends with a bomb or using TNT.

Just invite friends offline in Bombsquad and get hours of playing without getting bored.

9. Mortal Combat

Mortal Combat is developed on the line of the famous fighting game of the same game title for PC. In this game, you need to choose a character and train him with special moves.

Now, every character in the game has some special moves which you need to discover and use them in the main battle.

You can invite your friend offline and start playing Mortal combat with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or local Lan.

Practice all moves and special power of your character in offline mode in Mortal Combat and then use them in online mode.

10. Ludo King

If you remember, the Ludo game was the most played offline game in the world, which is known by all people over the world.

Ludo game is now available on Mobile, and you can still play them offline with your friends using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Relive all your Childhood memory and start playing this game in offline mode.

Final words

So, these the Best offline Multiplayer Android Games, which you can try to play offline and save Internet data.

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