[Legal] Get Free Xbox Live Codes That Work

free xbox live gold membership

How to Get Free Xbox Gold Membership

Microsoft offers free Xbox Live codes of three types.

  • One Month
  • Three Month
  • Twelve Month

You can choose any mode and get this Xbox Gold deals straight into your game console. You are free to use any mode depending on your requirement, one of the favorites and most popular Live Gold is three months. Get that without any hassle and put the code straight to your game console and ready to play.

You can always find many games which are appealing and promising than other with the Gold membership. If you don’t have a Gold membership, you will not be allowed to play all those awesome games, Microsoft release four games per month free for all Gold Members. Apart from all these new releases or free games, you will also be given the live membership of many online movie’s portals, which is worth to watch.

Xbox Gold Membership 12 Months

If you are looking for any legit ways to get Xbox live codes, consider yourself lucky, as we have tested these six easy ways to get free Xbox live codes. You can check all the methods and use any method which is suitable to your need.

Method #1: Create a new Xbox Account

Whenever you create a new Xbox account, you will get free Trial of Xbox Live for one month. Make sure to squeeze maximum output on the one-month trial. Follow these steps to get a one-month trial of Xbox lives:

  1. Log in to your Microsoft account and click on the subscriptions page
  2. Click on Gold Membership (1-month free trial) and then click on next
  3. Add a credit card for successful registration
  4. Enter your valid billing information
  5. Now follow the onscreen sign-up process to complete the registration
  6. Voila, you have now got 1-month Gold Membership Xbox Live.

Points to keep in mind for free monthly trial from Microsoft

  1. You can avail Xbox Live Gold membership for trial with one Gamertag
  2. You can get only three trial account with one console
  3. After you avail three trial account, Microsoft will not send you a message of Xbox Live Gold trial account.
  4. Enter your location and country correctly to get your offer
  5. Make sure to cancel your membership before the first month expires. You should cancel the trial period of free one month before one day itself.

Method #2: Make multiple Account with new email ids

You can create multiple accounts with new emails and get free Xbox live gold trial membership. Use this method after you have to avail your first free one-month membership. Make sure to use different credit card each time you create a new account. Make sure to cancel the free account within a one-month free period to avoid paying up for the whole month.

Method #3: Get Free Xbox Live Trial complementary with some game

You can find many games which give free Xbox Live Trial ranging from 48 hours to 1 month. A game such as FIFA, NHL, Halo offer’s complementary free Xbox Live trial codes which last for 14 days to 1 month.


xbox live trial codes for halo 5


Method #4: Check for New Trail Bonus for New Xbox Consoles

To boost sales Microsoft time to time gives Xbox live coupons on Xbox consoles. You have to check big stores and Microsoft official store to get these types of offers. Xbox Live coupons are bundled with new consoles in the time of some big events such as Christmas, black Friday or new year deals.

 Method#5: Activate Xbox Live Gold Trial

Okay! This option will only work with those games who own Xbox live account but did not activate Xbox Live Gold Subscription. If you are one of those who did not ever activate Xbox Live Gold trial, follow this method

  1. Log in to your subscription page
  2. Click on the Gold 1-month free trial as subscription present there
  3. Add your payment option
  4. Enter your Credit card details
  5. Enter your present address and follow the onscreen wizard
  6. Keep in mind that you need to cancel your Xbox Live Gold subscription before one month.

Method#6:  Follow Reddit Giveaway

 Follow Reddit giveaway to get free Xbox live codes. Navigate to this subreddit and check for any live Xbox code present there. If you are lucky, you may find working Xbox code on this subreddit.


Final Words

Well, that’s it guys, these are the methods by which you can get free Xbox live codes. We encourage you to choose legit method given in the article to follow and get Xbox live code.

Let us know if you get Xbox live codes using our methods. Till then Happy Gaming!

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