Grab Free Xbox Gift Cards Codes That Work

Free Xbox Gift Cards That Works

Are you desperately looking for Free Xbox Gift Cards?

Well, we all know how hard it is to play all your favorite games using your real money, if there are some other ways by which you can play those evergreen game titles then you can check us, how to get Free Xbox Gift Cards section.

You can get free Xbox gift cards from our website and use them for purchasing different items. You can also purchase or redeem them for different game items or weapon or use them to buy different game maps.

So, let drilled and check what is these funny looking Gift cards are actually and what we can expect from these cards.

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What is Xbox or Microsoft Gift Cards?

Xbox or Microsft Gift Cards are developed to facilitate user buying option for different services of Microsoft including different game titles. There are countries in the world which did not allow credit card is buying online or having a restriction on international wallet such as Paypal, Paxum or Payoneer wallet.

To overcome that restriction Microsoft, develop Gift Cards which are available in different online stores which users can purchase and redeem on Microsoft store. You can purchase Microsoft Gift Cards from these online stores and use them to purchase your game title.

What items can you buy using Xbox Gift Cards?

xbox gift cards benefits

You can purchase a different variety of items with you Microsoft Gift Cards, some of them are given below:

  • Latest apps present in Microsoft Store
  • Games
  • Different movies
  • TV Shows or serials
  • Xbox
  • Accessories of Xbox
  • Physical product
  • Game Maps
  • Game Mods
  • Different Game Subscription
  • Game coins
  • Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions
  • Xbox Game Pass

Where can you Spend your Microsoft Gift Card?

When you redeem your Gift Card in your Microsoft account, Gift card balance will be available which you can spend on different online Microsoft Stores, on Windows, and Xbox.

Can Microsoft Gift Card use on another country?

No, Gift Card is in local currency from which you can purchase the Gift Card, so, it cannot be used on other country having different currency. If you have brought Gift Card in the USA then it cannot be used in China or Brazil.

What does Microsoft Gift Card contain when we purchase?

You will get the 25-character code printed in gift card when you purchase any Microsoft gift card. You will get it over your email in digital format when you buy online. If you are getting it to form our website, it will be shown in the 25-character code in your screen, which you can redeem quickly in your Microsoft account.

A sample of Microsoft Gift Card Format



How to redeem your Microsoft Gift Card -digital code?

You need to go to the official website of Microsoft to redeem a gift card, follow this procedure

Can these Gift Card codes Expire?

No, Gift card purchase on retail never expires, but it can be used only once. You need to very cautious and should immediately redeem it when you purchase these Gift Cards. There are some promotional cards like Microsoft Rewards, or Xbox Live Rewards tends to get expire.

Can you make in-app Purchases with Gift Card?

Yes, you can purchase all in-app product of games like coins, gems, maps, new levels or weapon using these Gift cards. There is some restriction for subscription-based services which requires a credit card only.

Is there any difference between Microsoft Gift Card and an Xbox Gift Card?

No, their functionality remains the same, once redeem you can use them on Microsoft Store online or on Windows or Xbox.

How will you get Free Microsoft Gift Card?

By using our method, you will need to do the following

  • First, choose your country
  • Hit the denomination you want Gift Card
  • Choose between $25, $50 or $100
  • Click on Generate button
  • Use the 25-character alphanumeric code in your Microsoft Account

A feature of free Xbox Gift Card

  • Get in three denomination only $25, $50 or $100
  • All Gift cards will work depending on the country you have opted for
  • Can use on any Microsoft account
  • You can purchase the different game and game items using these Gift Card
  • Use once per day to avoid any discrepancies
  • 100% working and free from any malware or virus
Final Words

What we want you to advise here is first to locate your country and then get free Xbox Gift Cards. If you find it difficult to redeem the code in your country, then try to choose a country near to you. You can always generate huge Gift cards by using our website. We recommend you to use only one per day to avoid any discrepancy.

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