Apply to become a beta tester

ZotPad is beta tested with actual users using the TestFlight service. The number of beta testers is limited because Apple allows only 100 test devices to be active and 100 devices to be registered per year. If you have experience in beta testing and providing feedback on unreleased software, please fill the form below http://w....tablets.html. All active testers will receive a free copy of ZotPad, so you do not need to purchase ZotPad to participate in testing. More information about beta testing can be found at the UserVoice pages

Because the number of testers is limited, not everyone can be admitted and people who have previous experience in testing pre-released software will be prioritized.

Please check all the device types that you plan to use for testing ZotPad.
If you have previously tested and provided feedback for unreleased software, please explain it here.